Camp Kitchen Pack - Deluxe


Our curated Deluxe Camp Kitchen Pack supplies you with an extensive selection of our favorite freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables, beans, rice and meats, PLUS a mix of our favorite fruit and powdered dairy items!

With these ingredients, and your own spices, your camp recipes will deliver the maximum flavor, quickest rehydration time and lightest pack weight possible. To top it off, we've included a variety of Cook-in-Bags™ so you can easily prep your meals from start to finish!

  • Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Freeze-Dried Fruit
  • Dehydrated, Pre-Cooked Beans
  • Freeze-Dried Meat
  • Freeze-Dried Cheese
  • Powdered Dairy
  • Quick Cooking Rice
  • Cook-in-Bags™
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Included in Our Deluxe CAMP KITCHEN PACK

Freeze-Dried Meat

Pre-Cooked, Dehydrated Beans


Freeze-Dried Vegetables

 Dehydrated Vegetables


Freeze-Dried Fruit

 Freeze-Dried & Powdered Dairy




frequently asked questions

Can I make changes or substitutions to the Deluxe Camp Kitchen Pack?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow changes to the Deluxe Camp Kitchen Pack. We've put together the ingredients that we think you'll enjoy most and set the price so that you'll get great savings and we'll still make a profit. A win-win for everyone! 

Cooking Method

just add water

Water Required



cool, warm or hot

Cook time

>30 minutes