We have answered some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions below. For meal/grocery specific questions, please visit the FAQ tab on that particular product. If you do not see the answer to your question, please feel free to ask us at [email protected]


Where can I purchase your meals?
Our meals are available only at PackitGourmet.com. As we grow, we do plan to accept wholesale accounts and we would love it if you would ‘talk us up’ to your local outfitter at that time. For now, we are kept very busy filling orders placed online.
I am/will be in Austin. Can I pick-up my order at your location?
As much as we'd like to allow our customers to pick up orders in person, we are not licensed as a retail facility so, we'll need to ship your order directly to you. Hopefully, we will be able to offer local pick-up soon.
I goofed on my order. Can I change it?

We will do our very best to help you change your order. Depending on how complicated the changes are, we may need to cancel your order -- then you can submit a new order that includes all of your requested changes. If you just need to add an item or two, we'll likely send you a special link so that you can add to your existing order at no additional charge.

If two separate orders are submitted, they will be processed and shipped separately. If you'd like to avoid paying the additional shipping fee, we are happy to cancel your original orders and you can then submit a single large order. Or we can combine the two orders and include a surprise meal or two worth the value of your additional shipping fee.

Please keep in mind that, in the summer months, our little team is slammed and it's very hard to make individualized changes. We'll do our best but it might take a little longer.

I messed up my address. Now what?

If your package has not shipped, please send us an email ASAP at [email protected] and let us know. We’ll be happy to update the address for you.

If your package has shipped via UPS, we will need to contact UPS and have your delivery address changed. UPS does charge a fee for all address changes plus a transportation fee to ship your package from the current location to the new destination address.

If your package has shipped via USPS, there is no way to change the delivery address. If your package is rejected by the recipient, it will be returned to us at no charge. Once the package is received, you can provide the new address. You will need to pay the USPS shipping fee to have the package reshipped to the new address.

How can I get a discount code?
We periodically send out coupon codes to our newsletter subscribers (sign up down below) as well as posting them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Do you provide samples of your meals, groceries, etc.?

We receive a number of requests for samples; however, because Packit Gourmet is a small family-owned and operated company we are not in a position to provide samples to all who request them.

You can request a Packit Postcard, which does include a coupon for a free Austintacious Tortilla Soup (shipping fees do still apply).

Do you sponsor outdoor enthusiasts on their adventures?

As you might expect, we do receive a high volume of requests each year from individuals, civic groups and wilderness organizations – all worthy of our support.

We do have a Trail Ambassador program available by application and, if selected, you may be able to earn enough meals for your entire adventure! 

Otherwise, in an effort to spread our “giving budget” wider, we have decided to forego sponsoring individual endeavors in order to channel our support toward groups that benefit the community-at-large.

Is there anything on the website that requires refrigeration?
No – everything found on PackitGourmet.com is shelf-stable and requires no refrigeration. Select items do require refrigeration once opened.
What is the average shelf-life of your meals?
We primarily use dehydrated and freeze-dried food items in our meals resulting in an average shelf-life of about three years. For meals containing a condiment the shelf-life is about eighteen months. Our meals are made fresh on a daily basis - which means you'll get the longest shelf-life possible!
Can I cook your meals in the bag?

Yes. All of our meals are packed in Cook-in-Bags™ so that you can quickly and easily prepare your meal. Our Cook-in-Bags™ are made of a thick, food grade plastic and are FDA approved for use with boiling water. You can read more about our Cook-in-Bags™ and purchase individual Cook-in-Bags™ to use with your own meals here. Please note: the Cook-in-Bags™ available for purchase are different than those that our meal are packed in.

While the majority of our meals can be cooked in the bag there are a few exceptions (eggs, biscuits, etc.). View all meals that can be cooked in the bag by selecting the "Cook-in-Bag" filter in the sidebar of our Trail Meals tab.

What is the average shelf life of the fruit, vegetables and other food items in your grocery store?
The dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables available in our grocery store as well as many of the packets have a shelf life of about 18 months. We know that you’re planning your adventures in advance so we promise to give you at least six months of shelf-life on any item that you order from us.
What is the difference between dehydrated and freeze-dried?

Dehydrated foods have had the water removed by drying them. This can be done by air-drying, sun drying, smoking or wind drying. Dehydrated foods are chewy and retain some of their moistness – think of a raisin or prune.

Freeze-dried foods have been frozen and have then had the water removed by reducing the air pressure while heating the food. This allows the food to retain the original shape and helps to retain the flavor but can interfere with the texture. Most freeze-dried foods are crunchy before you cook them and may or may not get their original texture back once they’ve been cooked.